Cable Barrier Impact Detection Sensor

CableSense is our cable barrier impact detection sensor that provides agencies with a way to monitor impacts against their Cable Barrier Systems (CBS). CBS are used in medians to prevent cross-over accidents and absorb forces from collisions, reducing the impact on vehicle occupants. They have been proven to decrease median cross-over accidents and reduce fatalities, cost and injuries.

CableSense helps agencies maintain these CBS by providing real-time impact detection along interstate cable barrier systems. When a vehicle impacts the cable, the sensor detects the motion of the cable and transmits an alert of the time and location of the impact to our Nodifyd cloud platform. CableSense utilizes the NoraNetworks wireless technology to provide long-range, low-power wireless operation on a single battery lasting up to 7 years. This provides for easier, more cost effective solution for incident detection of cross-over incidents.

Long Range

Utilizing NoraNetworks wireless technology, the CableSense sensor can communicate several miles away from a gateway reducing infrastructure needs and costs.

Low Power

The CableSense cable barrier sensor include NoraNetworks technology inside providing years of operation with the internal battery.

Cloud Supported

The CableSense cable barrier sensor works with the Nodifyd cloud service to manage, monitor and report incidents 24×7.

Real-time Detection

CableSense provides real-time detection and notification cable impacts, providing faster response for first responders when minutes matter.

Location Based

CablseSense provides estimated location data to incidents upon detection, relaying critical information needed in response and management of an incident.

Innovative Solution

CableSense provides incident detection where other solutions fall short, enhancing your systems detection capabilities.