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What do they do in practice? How do you deal with exam anxiety?
In the USA, it is still difficult to talk about a systemic solution to the problem of substitution anxiety. Several local studies and school initiatives are devoted to this problem, some works of well-known psychotherapists, for example, “What to do if an exam is waiting?”, But the question of a solution is still open. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the problem of exam anxiety has become widespread relatively recently, with the transition to standardized exams.
Countries that have been using standardized tests for a long time have a long history of dealing with exam anxiety, and as a result, there are many solutions. For example, the American conditional analogue of exams, the SAT exam, has existed since 1926. Since then, both the test itself and the ideology of preparing for it have changed many times. At the moment, the policy of the American education system is not to fight exam anxiety, but to prevent it, and when you go to website here, it worked out successfully. Numerous pamphlets for parents and teachers explain what to do and what not to do, so as not to increase the anxiety of the student. So, parents are advised not to hire a lot of tutors for their child, so as not to create additional workload and pressure. Teachers - not to use intimidation to motivate students to prepare (i.e. not to say “sacred” phrases about: “if you don’t pass, you will be a janitor”, “if you don’t pass, you will go to the army”, etc.).Schoolchildren who experience severe anxiety due to exams are advised to contact a school psychologist, which is mandatory in every school. Also a good help can be which is very good for getting rid of severe anxiety. An important feature of American standardized tests is the ability to retake them with impunity several times and send the best of the results to the university. Of course, this opportunity naturally affects the reduction of anxiety both before the exam and in the process of passing it.
However, with regard to higher education, it is perhaps impossible to avoid exam anxiety there. That is why many US colleges and universities have special programs such as the best resume editing service and support groups for students suffering from severe exam anxiety. Group meetings are held on campus, in a number of educational institutions you can sign up for such a group online. Group work is usually based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy discussed above. In addition, group and individual help with exam anxiety can be obtained from commercial psychological organizations.
We have described the experience of only one country, but if you know how exam anxiety is organized in other countries, share with us and readers in the comments.
What should I do specifically?
On the Internet you can find many articles with tips on what to do when preparing for exams.Basically, they retell the WHO recommendations on the norm of sleep, food, physical activity, rest, and so on. These basic guidelines are really worth following. You can read additional literature about exam anxiety and anxiety in general, since understanding the mechanisms of anxiety is one of the steps to reduce it.
We have already mentioned that exam anxiety can be a particular manifestation of social anxiety. If you think that social anxiety (strong communication anxiety, constant fear of “what others will think”, fear of public speaking, etc.) is about you, you can read the freely distributed book of the project “Social anxiety and phobia: how to look out from under the cloak of invisibility. Other possible options for effective self-help for exam anxiety are breathing and relaxation practices, the practice of mindfulness. You can master these practices with the help of numerous convenient applications for your smartphone or computer.
If anxiety is starting to or is already seriously affecting you and your daily life, if you have trouble sleeping or chronic fatigue, then you may want to see a therapist. At the same time, we can keep in mind the areas of psychotherapy that have shown the greatest effectiveness in working with anxiety states: cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance and responsibility therapy, psychodynamic therapy. You can try to contact
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